Wearing the school uniform

The wearing of school uniform is actively encouraged and we are proud that most  students are neatly dressed in school uniform. Student Councillors and other students with responsibility are expected to wear uniforms at all times. Classes on excursions, unless told otherwise, are expected to be in uniform. It is school policy that children wear hats during first and fourth terms, wide-brim hats are encouraged, this action has been endorsed by the School Council.


Children who have long hair must have it plaited or tied back while attending school. This is a health and safety measure and also minimises the risk of head lice infestation. Because head lice are a constant problem in schools, parents are urged to check children’s hair weekly. Children with head lice must not attend school until the hair has been treated and all nits (eggs) removed. A note needs to be forwarded to the school to indicate that treatment has been commenced. The school has implemented a thorough head lice policy, including a course of action.


The wearing of jewellery to school (apart from a watch, signet ring and sleeper or stud earrings) is for safety reasons, not acceptable. In addition, children become understandably distressed when jewellery items are lost.

Toys, Mobile phones/Electronic Devices

Children are not to bring toys (this includes electronic games, and Pokemon or other swap cards) to school unless they are brought to school with the consent of the classroom teacher. In this case, they are to remain in the classroom. Students and caregivers assume responsibility for these items should they be lost or damaged.

If a child has the need for a mobile phone or other electronic device before or after school, it is to be placed in the office for safe keeping when the child arrives at school and is to be collected by the child at the close of school. It is not to be used during school hours as per DoE policy. These procedures reduce the possibility of loss, theft or breakage. This applies to all electronic devices.

School Uniform


Short sleeve green and gold polo shirt and green shorts, skirt or skort.  Green bucket style hat. 


Green tracksuit or cargo pants. Green and yellow polo shirt.
Green wet weather jacket or fleece jacket with front zip.

Sports Uniform

Green shorts/sports skirt and Bakers Hill polo shirt.             


are expected to wear footwear to school, either shoes or sandals. Slip-ons, reef sandals and thongs are unacceptable for safety reasons. Footwear must be worn at all times.


The school has a “No Hat No Play” Policy in place for Terms 1 & 4 and at the discretion of teachers for Terms 2 & 3.