Kiss and Go

Kiss n Go Pickup – End of Day

Initially, due to COVID 19 requirements Bakers Hill implemented a “Kiss ‘n’ Go” pickup system to enable parents to pick up their children with minimal contact. The implementation has been extremely successful so the school in conjunction with feedback received from our parents, have made a decision to continue operating this system. The school council, in conjunction with the Northam Shire, are considering plans to make it a permanent arrangement. 

Currently parents drive from the Southern end of Tame street and line up from 2.50pm next to the Kerb in the parking bays. Students are directed to go to their parent’s cars by a staff member to ensure their safety. The parents of Kindergarten students pick up their children from the St George Street side of the school from 3.00pm. The parents park in the bays provided and collect their children from the Early Years playground gate.