Contributions & Charges

The School Council is responsible for setting the contributions and charges.   

The contributions for 2023 are:

1 child $35.00
2 children $65.00
3 children $90.00
4 or more children $25.00 each

Charges are the extra-cost optional components of the educational program. 

Money Collection

Money for camps, excursions and school activities should be paid prior to the event via a money envelope and taken to the front office in the morning, please do not give money to classroom staff.   Should this create undue hardship, arrangements for later payment or a payment plan can be made.


Students learn in many different ways – from their parents and other people, from books, films and television, from making things – as well as in the classroom. The learning in the classroom is enriched by first hand experiences of incursions and excursions. 

Every endeavour is made to keep costs to a minimum. For 2022, the School Council has set the maximum total cost for incursions and excursions at $100.00 per student. Parents can be assured that all excursions and incursions are considered to be an important part of the child’s program. Children are expected to wear school uniform on all excursions. 

School Camps

School camps are seen as a very important aspect of school life and a means of developing independence, social skills, tolerance and the experience of living in a different social environment.  Our next camp is scheduled in 2024.  

The camp usually runs for 4 days at a live-in camp site away from school. It is also usually a bi-annual event, however, it does depend on class sizes and year levels in the senior rooms.   

Parents can expect to receive information regarding the camp early in the school year to enable them to budget accordingly.