School Council

The School Council operates under the authority of the School Education Act.  The Council comprises the Principal, two elected staff members, the elected member of the P & C, two elected members of the parent body, and one member of the general community selected from a list of nominees at the beginning of the school year. Meetings dates to be advised.  A Public Meeting will be held in Term 4.

The functions of the School Council are to:

  • Take part in establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions;
  • Take part in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund these objectives, priorities and directions;
  • Take part in evaluating the school’s performance in achieving these objectives, priorities and directions,
  • Promote the school in the community;
  • Take part in formulating codes of conduct for students;
  •  To determine, in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school, a dress code for students when they are attending or representing their school;
  • Be consulted regarding a general policy concerning the curriculum which must not promote any particular religious practice, denomination or sect, any particular political party, any commercial goods, product or service or the case of a party to an industrial dispute;
  • Be consulted with regard to the amount of time allowed for special religious education;
  • Approve the charges and contributions for the provision of certain materials, services and facilities;
  • Approve the extra cost of optional components of educational programs;
  • Approve the items that are to be supplied by a student for the student’s personal use in the educational program.

The Council cannot

  • Intervene in the educational instruction of students.
  • Exercise authority over teaching staff or other persons employed at the   school.
  • Intervene in the management or operation of a school fund.

School Council Meetings

 Term 1  Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Week 4 
Tuesday 21st Feb 
Week 4
Tuesday 16th May
Week 4
Tuesday 8th August
Week 4
Tuesday 31st Oct
Week 8
Tuesday 21st March
Week 8
Tuesday 13th June  
Week 8
Tuesday 5th Sept
Week 8
Tuesday  28th Nov