Bakers Hill Primary School is fortunate to have a support Chaplain visit us every week to support our students and our school community. Our Support Chaplain works under the guideline of YouthCARE. 

With the core values of Respect, Compassion and Service, the role of a Support Chaplain is to: 

  • Provide Pastoral care for staff, students and families.
  • Link the school to the local community, support agencies and organisations;
  • Play an active role assisting and supporting school events;
  • Facilitate pastoral support programs and resources;
  • Support, mentor, encourage and empower the school community.

From time to time, students may ask to speak to the Support Chaplain about something that might be concerning them or our own staff might suggest and refer a student to her. As parents/caregivers, you can also request to see the Support Chaplain yourself, or for your child to see her.